The Members

The Committee on Probability and Statistics in the Physical Sciences, C(PS)2 in short, has been re-assembled in August 2011, under the auspices of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability.

2015-2017 membership of C(PS)2

Konstantin Zuev (Chairman, Caltech, USA) 

Michael Beer (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany)

Julie Carreau (IRD, Montpellier, France)

Francisco Alejandro Diaz De la O (University of Liverpool, UK)

Maksim Kitsak (Northeastern University, Boston, USA)

Aleksey Polunchenko (Binghamton University, USA)

Marcos Valdebenito (Santa María University, Valparaíso, Chile)

Ilia Zaliapin (University of Nevada, Reno, USA)

Fengliang Zhang (Tongji University, Shanghai, China)


2013-2015 membership of C(PS)2:

Ilia Zaliapin (Chairman, Reno, Nevada, USA)

Julie Carreau (Montpellier, France)

Jan Picek (Liberec, Czech Republic)

Bala Rajaratnam (Stanford, California, USA)

Jorge Mario Ramirez Osorio (Medellin, Colombia)

Konstantin Zuev (Liverpool, UK)


2011-2013 membership of C(PS)2: 

Harry Pavlopoulos (Chairman, Athens, Greece)

Carlo DeMichele (Milano, Italy)

Jorge Mario Ramirez Osorio (Medellin, Colombia)

Jan Picek (Liberec, Czech Republic)

Enrique Thomann (Corvallis, Oregon, USA)

Ilia Zaliapin (Reno, Nevada, USA)


The Mission

The mission of C(PS)2 is to foster interdisciplinary communication of statistical and probabilistic methods and their applications in the realm of Physical Sciences at large (e.g. Geophysics, Biophysics, Astrophysics, etc.). The main venue for accomplishing this mission is by involvement/participation/initiative in the organization of workshops, conferences or special sessions within major international conferences of mathematical/statistical/physical interest.

In particular, several activities of the C(PS)2 during the current term 2011-2013 aim to enhance and promote the partnership of the Bernoulli Society in the worldwide initiatives Mathematics of Planet Earth, 2013 (MPE-2013) and International Year of Statistics, 2013 (IYS-2013).





The History

C(PS)2 is the current name (revised since the early 1990’s) of the Committee for Statistics in the Physical Sciences (CSPS), initially formed by the Bernoulli Society Council at the Warsaw ISI-session in August 1975, shortly after the Bernoulli Society was officially created on June 10, 1975 at Voorburg, Netherlands.

The then ASA Director, F.C. Leone, was appointed as chairman of CSPS. He was asked to set up the committee with a mission to take up the special responsibility for statistics in the physical sciences. Up to that time, that special responsibility was served by the International Association for Statistics in the Physical Sciences (IASPS), which was linked to the International Statistical Institute (ISI). 

As a matter of fact, IASPS is considered as the main predecessor of the Bernoulli Society, because the official creation of the Bernoulli Society resulted from the legal adoption by IASPS of the European Regional Committee of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (ERC/IMS) and of the then independent Committee for Conferences on Stochastic Processes (CCSP).

A much more detailed note on the prehistory that led to the creation of the Bernoulli Society and CSPS, from the merging of IASPS with ERC/IMS and CCSP, is given by Jef L. Teugels at this link.

The chronological sequence of chairmen of CSPS or C(PS)2 follows:


 F.C. Leone (1975 – 1981)

Geoffrey Watson (1981- 1985)

Jef Teugels (1985-1989)

Nick Fisher (1989-1993)

Richard Smith (1993-1995)

Ed Waymire (1995-2000)

David Brillinger (2000-2004)

Wojbor Woyczynski (2004-2008)

Peter Guttorp (2008-2011)

Harry Pavlopoulos (2011-2013)

Ilia Zaliapin (2013-2015)


About us

The Committee on Probability and Statistics in the Physical Sciences is one of the standing committees of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability which in turn is an autonomous association of the International Statistical Institute.