Life in Eleusina

Superb location

The programme is ideally located in the Athenian suburb of Eleusina, one of most important archaeological religious sites in the world as it was the home of the Eleusinian mysteries. It is also close to many other important sites including Parthenon, Ancient Corinth, Nemea and Thebes.
Eleusina is a quiet suburb of Athens with a very rich past, both ancient and modern. It is gifted with a rich cultural life, proximity to Athens and Corinth, as well as a glorious 19th century and early 20th century industrial past. Most importantly it is the birthplace of Aeschylus, the father of Tragedy (and Drama) and the home of the Eleusinian mysteries right in the centre of town. With bus connections to the centre of Athens as well as to Peloponnese, Eleusina is a great town to live and study, endowed with world class heritage that will be most important for your studies and facilities such as a hospital, many restaurants and bars. Most classes will take place either in the archaeological site, or in bright new purpose built class-rooms provided by the Heritage Management Organization and the Municipality.


In Eleusina or central Athens. A list of suitable accommodation in Eleusina will be provided. We will also offer advice on arranging your own rented accommodation and liaise with landlords on your behalf.

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