Athens Today

Today, Athens has an exciting, trendy cultural and entertainment scene to offer, with a large number of events, happenings and exhibitions, and a nightlife that lasts well into the morning hours. Places like Psirri, Glyfada and Kifissia are among the better-known places where someone may go for shopping enjoy a coffee or find after hours entertainment.

However, nightlife, cultural events and shopping are not the only entertainment possibilities on offer. Beaches at the east and south of the city and forests and mountains all around it offer interesting alternatives. Trekking facilities, horse riding, mountain walks, sailing and snorkelling are some of the many different activities that can be found. In the summer the southern suburbs of Athens are full of clubs, restaurants and cafes by the sea, while in the winter, skiing in Parnassos is very fashionable. Also, Athens can serve as a springboard for visiting a number of islands such as Santorini or Paros, or the more mountainous regions of continental Greece. A wide selection of traditional mountainous little villages or seaside resorts can serve as ideal weekend destinations. Enjoy!

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