The AUEB Community

AUEB Faculty

The academic staff of the University consists of resident faculty, adjunct faculty, and visiting faculty. In addition, teaching and research assistants, foreign language and athletics instructors, and teachers of cultural activities are members of the academic staff. There are 4 levels (ranks) among resident faculty: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Lecturer. Faculty members are assisted by teaching and research assistants, many of whom hold a Master's Degree and continue their doctoral studies.

The resident academic staff of the University is currently composed of 37% Professors, 18% Associate Professors, 23% Assistant Professors, and 22% Lecturers. Resident faculty has to have a Doctorate in order to assume any level. A vast majority (76%) of the current faculty of AUEB have obtained their PhD degrees from the USA or the UK, in Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, MIT, Cambridge, Nortwestern, UC-Berkeley, NYU, Pennsylvania, LSE, LBS, Warwick, Manchester, Strathclyde, Aix-en-Provence, Essex, Maryland, City, Paris, Bath, Reading, etc. An additional 9% of the resident faculty holds a Doctorate from other European countries, and finally the remaining 15% holds a Doctorate from a Greek University.

AUEB faculty has previously served on the faculties of leading international Universities before getting a position at AUEB. Examples of such Universities include Columbia, Pennsylvania (Wharton), Nortwestern, Cambridge, Dartmouth, U of Rochester, Imperial, Erasmus, Manchester, City, ETH Zurich, Paris-Dauphine, etc

AUEB Students

In Greece undergraduate students in all Universities are admitted on the basis of national entrance examinations administered by the Ministry of Education once a year. The number of students for each University and Department is also determined by the Ministry of Education. A small number of foreign students are also enrolled every year. AUEB is the most popular University in the general areas of Economics and Business among the university candidates. Each year about 1800 students are enrolled in AUEB at the undergraduate level, while another 1200 students are registered at the Master's and Ph.D. programs.

All undergraduate students are entitled to register as members in the Student Union, representatives of which participate in the Senate, in Faculty meetings and in standing and ad hoc Committees.

AUEB Alumni

AUEB's alumni are among the leaders of industry, in almost all sectors of the Greek economy, but also internationally. An indicative list of distinguished AUEB alumni includes: the CEO of one of the major banks in South-East Europe, the CEO of the Bank of Greece, the President of the Federation of Greek Industries, the CEO of the largest wine producer and retailer in Greece, the CEO of the largest dairy products producer and retailer in Greece, the CEOs of two of the largest shipping companies internationally, the CEO of one of the largest multinational jewelry companies, the CEOs of two of the largest retail supermarkets in the Balkans, the CEO of major pharmaceutical companies, the CEO of one of the major daily newspapers in Greece, the CEO of the largest beer company, the CEOs of several of the major consultany companies in the Balkans, etc etc etc.

In addition, AUEB alumni have been distinguished in academia and public service. Our alumni have gone on to get academic positions at a number of Universities internationally, such as: MIT, London School of Economics, University of London (Queen Mary), Manchester Business School, Copenhagen Business School, Un of Rochester, Un of Essex, Baruch College, University of Strathclyde, University of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), ESSEC, ESC Grenoble, Brunel University, University Pierre Mendes, SUNY-Buffalo, University of Geneva, University of Lancaster, University of Durham, and many others.