Department of International & European Economic Studies

The Department of International and European Economic Studies was established in 1989 with the purpose of training specialists in European Integration issues and, generally, in International Economics and International Relations. The Department also offers a Master's program and a Doctoral program.

The academic aim of the Department is to promote and convey knowledge in the field of International and European Economic Relations. The Department aims at creating graduates that comprehend and also meet the special needs of Greece and of the greater area around Greece in the field of International Economics with a special emphasis on European Union economic and political aspects. The aim is achieved by promoting research and teaching methods in a way that correspond fully to modern social and scientific needs. The curriculum extends over a wide range of academic subjects related not only to the field of economics, but also to those of relevant social sciences. The program of studies is structured to promote the formation of economists and financial experts who are more focused and proficient in the fields of International Economics, International Relations and International Law than those who have a degree from an economics Department.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the Department offers the MSc Program in International and European Economics, the MSc in European Studies and the Doctoral program in International and European Economics. Also, the Department supports the MSc Program in Finance and Banking, the MSc in Public Policy and Management and the MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (full and part time in English).

Faculty of the department


Bourantonis Dimitrios
Christodoulakis Nikolaos
Demos Antonios
Hatzipanayotou Panagiotis
Kalyvitis Sarantis
Koundouri Phoebe
Moutos Thomas
Pagoulatos Georgios
Pliakos Asterios
Tsakloglou Panagiotis
Vasilakis Spyridon
Xepapadeas Anastasios
Zanias Georgios

Associate Professors

Bilias Ioannis
Economides Georgios
Karydis Georgios
Katsimi Margarita
Matsaganis Manos
Milliou Chrysovalantou Vasiliki
Skouras Spyros-Panos
Topaloglou Nikolaos

Professors Emeritus

Andrikopoulos Andreas
Loizidis Ioannis

Assistant Professors

Blavoukos Spyros
Konstantinou Panagiotis
Pechlivanos Lampros


Roumanias Konstantinos

Chairman: Demos Antonios
Deputy Chairman: -
Secretariat: Zachariadi Kelly
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