Department of Accounting and Finance

The Department of Accounting & Finance is a new Department established in 1999. The Mission of the Department is to educate students and advance knowledge in the fields of Accounting and Finance. The study program of the Department aims at delivering the specialized knowledge in the area of Accounting and Finance that is necessary for making informed financial decisions.

The structure of the program and the modules offered are designed in a way that cover a wide range of important topics and issues in the fields of Accounting and Finance, at both a theoretical and a practical level. The academic members of the Department are all active in research, regularly publish in international journals in the relevant research fields and they make a significant contribution to the knowledge in the field.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the Department offers an MSc Program in Accounting and Finance, an MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (full and part time in English), a Doctoral Program in Accounting and Finance and supports the MBA International Program (in English).

Faculty of the department


Ballas Apostolos
Georgoutsos Dimitrios
Ghicas Dimitrios
Hevas Dimosthenis
Kavussanos Manolis
Spyrou Spyridon

Associate Professors

Drakos Konstantinos
Episcopos Athanasios
Giamouridis Daniel
Papadaki Afroditi
Siougle Georgia

Assistant Professors

Anagnostopoulou Seraina
Bekiros Stelios
Chalamandaris George
Demirakos Efthimios
Leledakis Georgios
Rompolis Leonidas
Staikouras Christos
Tsekrekos Andrianos
Tzovas Christos

Chairman: Papadaki Afroditi
Deputy Chairman: -
Secretariat: Galitsiou Katerina
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