Carrer Office

The Career Office has been a pioneer in the development of this service by being established in 1992. The career service intends to support students and graduates of our University in matters regarding career development and seeking of employment. The aim of the office is:

  • To provide a picture of the job market by offering a commentary on the trends which are emerging in the market
  • To give advice on career planning
  • To identify and promote new employment opportunities for students and graduates
  • To help students to have their first contact with employees using a data-base tool which includes CVs and job advertisements
  • To provide information about postgraduate studies and scholarships and endowments.

Finally, once a year the career office organizes the "career fair"; during this event a large number of big companies and over 500 students participate in discussions and real interviews with prospective employees after having submitted an application.

Phone Center: +30210 8203 819, Visiting hours: Everyday 11.00 a.m. - 15.30 p.m., e-mail:, Website: