Public Relations Office

The Athens University of Economics and Business accommodates a Public Relations Office whose object is to demonstrate and promote all various and versatile AUEB activities. To this end, it offers to host a great number of events, covering a wide range of academic efforts, put forward by both teachers and students. Such events include graduation/inauguration ceremonies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, awards of Honour PhD titles, jubilees and anniversaries, social, cultural and other events and celebrations (carnival festivities, Christmas ceremonies, Greek folk dances, theatre plays), conferences, seminars, talks of academic interest etc.

The Public Relations Office serves also as an information helpdesk for all members of the academic community on matters, which pertain to education in general, holding of talks and conferences etc. In order to promote the said events and ceremonies, the Public Relations Office frequently resolves to Interviews, Press Conferences and Press Releases. Finally, the Public Relations Office is responsible for compiling and publishing all informative brochures and other collective inter-departmental AUEB material, in English and in Greek, for anyone interested in the Institution' s activities or services offered.

Person in charge: Lena Maniati, Phone Center: +30210 8203 216, Opening Hours: Everyday 8.00 a.m. - 14.00 p.m., Website: