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Rokas Ioannis

CVphotoProfessor Emeritus
Department of Business Administration

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Ioannis Rokas is a Professor of Commercial Law at the Business Administration Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business since 1997 (Αssist. Prof. since 1985). His studies include a BA in Law in the University of Athens (1968) and a PhD in Law in the Frei Universitaet Berlin (1975). He speaks / writes excellent German, English and quite good French. His research interests focus in insurance law in the European Union, Greece and Eastern Europe as well as in infrastructure and project finance.

He is a member of the Athens Bar Association, practising lawyer since 1971, authorized to appear before the Athens and Piraeus Courts of Appeal and The Supreme Court of Greece. Member of the Presidential Council of International Association for Insurance Law (AIDA), Chairman of the International Working Group "Distribution of Insurance Products", member of the project group "Restatement of European Insurance Contract Law", which has prepared the PEICL(Principles of European Insurance Contract Law), and President of the Hellenic Insurance Law Association. Member of Commité Maritime Internationale Greek Section: former General Secretary. Member of Mediterranean Maritime Arbitration Association: former Chairman.

Selected Publications
(1) Practical Commercial Law of Greece, Longman publ., London 1992
(2) Hellenic Insurance Law, Kluwer publ., The Hague-London-Boston 1999
(3) Introduction to Greek Private Maritime Law, A. Sakkoula publ. 2001
(4) Summenversicherung und Schadensersatz, Duncker & Humblot publ., Berlin 1975 and author of many other monographs, articles (over 160) and legal opinions published in greek, german and english law reviews.

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