Short Curriculum Vitae

Drakos Anastasios

CVphotoAssociate Professor
Department of Business Administration
210-8203 543 | fax: 210-8955726

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Anastasios A. Drakos, is an Associate Professor of Financial Management in the Department of Business Administration, Athens University of Economics and Business. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Urban Planning and regional Development from University of Thessaly, an M.Sc in international European and Economic Studies and a Ph.D. in Financial Management, from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has over 14 publications in refereed international journals and collective volumes, a significant number of contributions in international conferences, over 35 citations on his publications and is a co-author of a book in Financial Management, which is offered to undergraduate and postgraduate programs as a reference manuscript.

A.A.Drakos has been an independent consultant to International Corporations for projects related to Assets and Investment Management, and has served as external advisor to national organizations for both Financial and Real Estate Investments.

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