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31-1-2017 id:3105
Nicos Christodoulakis, 2016. "Aspects of Economic Governance in the Euro Area: Restoring Internal and External Balances". Journal of Economic Policy (Politica economica), vol. XXXII, no. 3, pp. 489-510. Italy. DOI: 10.1429/85008

16-1-2017 id:3080
Anagnostopoulou, S. C. and A. E. Tsekrekos (2017), The effect of financial leverage on real and accrual-based earnings management, Accounting and Business Research, vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 191-236.

16-1-2017 id:3079
Tsekrekos, A. E. and A. N. Yannacopoulos (2016), Approximation of optimal stopping problems and variational inequalities involving multiple scales in economics and finance, in Trends in Mathematical Economics, Pinto, A. A., E. Accinelli Gamba, A. N. Yannacopoulos and C. Herv?s-Beloso (Eds.), Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

14-12-2016 id:3040
Skarmeas, D., Zeriti, A. & Baltas, G. (2016). Relationship Value: Drivers and Outcomes in International Marketing Channels. Journal of International Marketing, 24(1), 22-40.

14-12-2016 id:3039
Tsafarakis, S, Saridakis, C., Matsatsinis, N., & Baltas, G. (2016). Private labels and retail assortment planning: a differential evolution approach. Annals of Operations Research, 247(2), 677-692.

14-12-2016 id:3038
Saridakis, B. & Baltas, G. (2016). Modeling price-related consequences of the brand origin cue: An empirical examination of the automobile market. Marketing Letters, 27(1), 77-87.

6-12-2016 id:3026
Xepapadeas., A., Yannacopoulos, A., 2016, Spatial Growth with Exogenous Saving Rates, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 67, 125-137,

6-12-2016 id:3025
Karine Nyborg, John M. Anderies, Astrid Dannenberg, Therese Lindahl, Caroline Schill, Maja Schlu?ter, W. Neil Adger, Kenneth J. Arrow, Scott Barrett, Stephen Carpenter, F. Stuart Chapin III, Anne-Sophie Cr?pin, Gretchen Daily, Paul Ehrlich, Carl Folke, Wander Jager, Nils Kautsky, Simon A. Levin, Ole Jacob Madsen, Stephen Polasky, Marten Scheffer, Brian Walker, Elke U. Weber, James Wilen, Anastasios Xepapadeas, Aart de Zeeuw, Social Norms as Solutions, 2016, Science, 7 October 2016, Vol. 354, Issue 5208,

6-12-2016 id:3024
Kyriakopoulou, E., Xepapadeas., A., 2016, Atmospheric Pollution in Rapidly Growing Industrial Cities: Spatial Policies and Land Use Patterns, Journal of Economic Geography,

6-12-2016 id:3023
Petrohilos-Andrianos, Y., Xepapadeas., A., 2016, On the Evolution of Compliance and Regulation with Tax Evading Agents, Journal of Dynamics and Games, 3: 231-260,

6-12-2016 id:3022
Xepapadeas., A., 2015, Dynamic Games with Nature: Designing Policy under Ambiguity, Strategic Behavior and the Environment, 5: 175-213,

6-12-2016 id:3021
Manousi, V., Xepapadeas., A., 2015, Cooperation and Competition in Climate Change Policies: Mitigation and Climate Engineering when Countries are Asymmetric, Environmental and Resource Economics,

6-12-2016 id:3020
Nicos Christodoulakis, 2016. "After Civil War: Division, Reconstruction, and Reconciliation in Contemporary Europe". Edited by Bill Kissane (Book review). Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Volume 34, Number 2, October 2016 , pp. 423-427.

18-10-2016 id:2858
Drakos Konstantinos and Seraina Anagnostopoulou, (2016) "Bank Loan Terms and Conditions: Is There a Macro Effect?", Research in International Business and Finance, 37, 269-282.

18-10-2016 id:2859
Vasileios Koutras and Drakos Konstantinos, (2016) "A Generalized Polynomial-Logistic Distribution and Applications", Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 45(18), 5478-5494.

27-9-2016 id:2826
Christodoulakis Nicos, 2016. "An Economic Analysis of Conflicts: With an Application to the Greek Civil War 1946-1949".
Springer Verlag. ISBN 978-3-319-32261-2, pp 160.

8-9-2016 id:2803
Fouskakis, D. and Ntzoufras, I. (2016). Power-Conditional-Expected Priors: Using g-priors with Random Imaginary Data for Variable Selection. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 25, 647-664

8-9-2016 id:2802
Fouskakis, D. and Ntzoufras, I. (2016). Limiting behavior of the Jeffreys Power-Expected-Posterior Bayes Factor in Gaussian Linear Models. Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics, 30, 299-320

3-6-2016 id:2738
Christodoulakis Nicos and Vassilis Sarantides (2016) "External asymmetries in the euro area and the role of foreign direct investment", The World Economy

4-2-2016 id:2597
Tsekrekos A. E. and Yannacopoulos, A. N. (2016) "Optimal switching decisions under stochastic volatility with fast mean reversion", European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 251, no. 1, pp. 148-157.

21-1-2016 id:2585
Vitoratou, S., Ntzoufras, I. and Moustaki I (2016) "Explaining the behavior of joint and marginal Monte Carlo estimators in latent variable models with independence assumptions", Statistics and Computing, 26, 333-348.

21-1-2016 id:2584
Perrakis, K. and Ntzoufras, I. (2015) "Stochastic Search Variable Selection (SSVS)", Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online

21-1-2016 id:2583
Charitidou, E., Fouskakis, D. and Ntzoufras, I.. (2015) "Bayesian transformation family selection: moving towards a transformed Gaussian universe". The Canadian Journal of Statistics, 43, 600-623

21-1-2016 id:2582
Fouskakis, D., Ntzoufras, I. and Draper, D. (2015)
"Power-Expected-Posterior Priors for Variable Selection in Gaussian Linear Models", Bayesian Analysis, 10, 75-107

17-12-2013 id:1898
Skarmeas, D., & Leonidou, C. N. (2013). When consumers doubt, Watch out! The role of CSR skepticism. Journal of Business Research, 66 (10), 1831-1838.

17-12-2013 id:1897
Lisboa, A., Skarmeas, D., & Lages, C. (2013). Export market exploitation and exploration and performance: Linear, moderated, complementary and non-linear effects. International Marketing Review, 30 (3), 211-230. 10.1108/02651331311321972

26-11-2013 id:1886
Drakos, K. and Konstantinou, P. T., "Terrorism, Crime and Public Spending: Panel VAR Evidence from Europe", Defense and Peace Economics, (2013)

15-10-2013 id:1842
Drakos, K., "Bank Loan Terms & Conditions for Eurozone SMEs", Small Business Economics, 2013, 41(3), 717-732.

17-9-2013 id:1815
Christodoulakis N., Currency crisis and collapse in interwar Greece: predicament or policy failure?, European Review of Economic History (2013) 17 (3): 272-293

11-9-2013 id:1810
Koutras, V. and Drakos, K., "A migration approach for USA banks' capitalization: Are the 00s the same with the 90s?", International Review of Financial Analysis, 30, December 2013, 131-140.

29-8-2013 id:1804
Tsekrekos, A. E., "Irreversible exit decisions under mean-reverting uncertainty", Journal of Economics, 110(1), September 2013, 5-23

31-7-2013 id:1795
Antypas, Antonios & Koundouri, Phoebe & Kourogenis, Nikolaos, 2013. "Aggregational Gaussianity and barely infinite variance in financial returns," Journal of Empirical Finance, Elsevier, vol. 20(C), pages 102-108.

31-7-2013 id:1794
Genious, M., Koundouri, P., Nauges, C., and Tsouvelekas, V. 2013. "Information Spillovers in Irrigation Technology Diffusion: Social Learning, Extension Visits and Spatial Effects". American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

9-7-2013 id:1775
Tsekrekos, A. E. and Kanoutos, G., "Real options premia implied from recent transactions in the Greek real estate market", Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 47(1), July 2013, 152-168.

9-7-2013 id:1774
Fouskakis, D. and Ntzoufras, I. (2013). "Computation for Intrinsic Variable Selection in Normal Regression Models via Expected-Posterior Prior", Statistics and Computing, 23, 491-499.

9-7-2013 id:1773
Ntzoufras, I. and Tarantola C. (2013). "Conjugate and Conditional Conjugate Bayesian Analysis of Discrete Graphical Models of Marginal Independence", Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 66, 161-177.

9-7-2013 id:1772
Spinellis, D., Louridas P. (2013). "The Carbon Footprint of Conference Papers". PLOS ONE, 8(6): e66508.

15-5-2013 id:1711
Baltas, G., Tsafarakis, S., Saridakis, C., & Matsatsinis, N. (2013). "Biologically Inspired Approaches to Strategic Service Design: Optimal Service Diversification Through Evolutionary and Swarm Intelligence Models". Journal of Service Research 16 (2), 186-201.

14-5-2013 id:1706
Nicos Christodoulakis, 2013, From Grexit to Growth: On Fiscal Multipliers and how to End Recession in Greece, National Institute Economic Review, May 2013, vol. 224: pp 66-76

27-3-2013 id:1671
Lykou, A. and Ntzoufras, I (May 2013), "On Bayesian Lasso Variable Selection and the Specification of the Shrinkage Parameter", Statistics and Computing, 23, (3), 361-390

21-3-2013 id:1668
Skouras, S. and Christodoulakis, N., "Electoral misgovernance cycles: evidence from wildfires and tax evasion in Greece", Public Choice 201310.1007/s11127-013-0071-0, Published online: 19 February 2013

22-2-2013 id:1632
Chalamandaris, G. and Tsekrekos, A. E., "Explanatory factors and causality in the dynamics of volatility surfaces implied from OTC Asian-Pacific currency options", Computational Economics, 41(3), March 2013, 327-358,

29-1-2013 id:1609
Kardaras D., and Karakostas B. (2012), "Services Customization Using Web Technologies", doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-1604-2, ISBN10: 1466616040, Publ. IGI Global, USA. (Prefaced by Prof. Frank Piller, MIT, Aachen University)

29-1-2013 id:1608
Kardaras D., Karakostas B. and Mamakou X. (2013), "Content presentation personalisation and media adaptation in tourism web sites using Fuzzy Delphi Method and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps", Expert Systems with Applications, 40(6), 2331-2342

22-1-2013 id:1598
Antoniou, F., Hatzipanayiotou, P. and Koundouri, P., 2012, "Tradable permits vs ecological dumping when governments act non-cooperatively", Oxford Economic Papers: 1-21, doi:10.1093/oep/gps046

22-1-2013 id:1597
Antypas, A., Koundouri, P., and Kourogenis, N., 2012. "Aggregational Gaussianity and Barely Infinite Variance in Crop Prices." Journal of Empirical Finance. 20 (2013): 102-108.

21-1-2013 id:1596
Remoundou, K., Kountouris, Y. and Koundouri, P. "Is the value of an environmental public good sensitive to the providing institution?", Resource and Energy Economics, 34 (3), September 2012, 381-395
Journal Announced Impact Factor: 1.865

21-1-2013 id:1595
Drichoutis, A., and Koundouri, P. "Estimating Risk Attitudes in Conventional and Artefactual Lab Experiments: The Importance of the Underlying Assumptions", Economics: The Open-Access Open-Assessment E-Journal, Vol. 6, 2012-38.

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