The AUEB Research Laboratories

The Research Laboratories of AUEB reflect the full diversity and rigor of research activity and interests of AUEB's faculty, and aim to facilitate and bring forward the research conducted by faculty and students. Their work supports courses and academic programs, and generates knowledge, published research, community outreach, and partnerships among academics, government, and industry. They support doctoral research, undertake applied research projects funded by the European Union or national research organizations, and collaborate with national and international research partners. The results of their work are published in international publications or presented in international conferences, while more applied work supports organizations and governments to face the challenges of the 21st century.

The laboratories mission is:

  • To conduct forefront research in all aspects of scientific knowledge studied within the University,
  • To develop educational, research-based and other similar activities in accordance with the general principles and Research Code of the University,
  • To cooperate with other Research Centres and Academic Institutions in Greece or abroad, yet within a frame of solidarity and mutual trust, provided that similar or complementary scientific objectives are being sought,
  • To organise and host conferences, seminars, talks etc., and publicise their proceedings as well as other scientific material,
  • To work together with various public or private organisations, to address existence or potential problems.

The "Research Laboratories - A Bridge to Partnership in Research" consists the first activity report of AUEB's Research Laboratories. Within this report the reader will find a summary presentation of the activities of each research laboratory during the period 2000-2008. The objective is not only to present the work conducted at the research laboratories of AUEB, but also (and mainly) to enhance collaborations with other leading institutions and researchers worldwide.

The Research Laboratories currently operating at AUEB are the following:

Department of Accounting and Finance
  1. Accounting Laboratory
  2. Laboratory for Applied Finance
Department of Business Administration
  1. Business Informatics Laboratory (BILab)
  2. Industrial Relations and Negotiations Laboratory
  3. Business Strategy Laboratory
  4. Analysis of Markets and Consumer Behaviour Laboratory
  5. Development and Promotion of Financial Products and Services Laboratory
Department of Economics
  1. Econometrics Laboratory
  2. Athens Laboratory of Economic Policy Studies (IMOP)
Department of Informatics
  1. Computer and Communication Systems Laboratory
  2. Information Systems and Databases Laboratory
  3. Network Economics and Services Laboratory
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems Laboratory
  5. Wireless Networks and Multimedia Telecommunications Laboratory
Department of International & European Economic Studies
  1. Laboratory for the Documentation and Analysis of European Issues (ΕUROLAB)
Department of Management Science & Technology
  1. Electronic Commerce and e-Business Laboratory (ELTRUN)
  2. Management Science Laboratory (MSL)
  3. Transportation Systems and Supply Chain Management Laboratory (TRANSLOG)
  4. Information Systems Technology Laboratory (IST)
  5. Strategy and Enterpreneurship Laboratory
Department of Marketing & Communication
  1. Business Communication Laboratory
  2. Marketing Laboratory (ALARM)
  3. Human Resource Management Laboratory
  4. Sectoral Research and Studies Laboratory
  5. Business Applications and Evaluation Laboratory
  6. Digital Business and Strategy Laboratory
Department of Statistics
  1. Laboratory of Propability and Statistics Applications in Complex Economy, Insurance and Technology Systems
  2. Statistical Methodology and Data Analysis Laboratory