Department of Marketing & Communication

The Department of Marketing and Communication offers fifty three (53) courses.

The academic program consists of forty courses, thirty of which are mandatory courses and ten of which are elective courses reflecting the specialization of studies that a student chooses to follow. In addition students must complete five courses in one of the three foreign languages that are taught at the University: English, French and German. All courses have equal weight and each course is taught for four hours a week for one academic semester (13 weeks). At the beginning of their fourth year of studies, students choose one of the following specializations:

Marketing, Business Communication and Human Resources, Mixed

Each of the first two specializations requires five mandatory courses and five elective courses. At least two of the elective courses must come from the courses within the two specializations of "Marketing" and "Business Communication and Human Resources", while the rest of the courses can be chosen from the Department's list of approved elective courses. For the "Mixed" specialization, at least five courses should come from the mandatory courses of the "Marketing" and "Business Communication and Human Resources" specializations (at least two from each specialization). In total a minimum of seven courses must be chosen from the mandatory and elective courses of the "Marketing" and "Business Communication and Human Resources" specializations. The rest of the courses can be chosen from the Department's list of approved elective courses.

Students of the Department have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus Program as well as in the Internship Program, which offers work experience in various organizations and businesses. In addition, students can elect to participate in an optional program in Education and Teaching.

Distribution of Courses in Semesters

1st semester

2nd semester

5411 Introduction To Business Administration
5721 Psychology
5151 Quantitative Methods I
5231 Electronic Communication Tools
5311 Economic Analysis For Business Decisions I
*Foreign Language

5412 Organizational Behaviour
5722 Introduction To Communication
5122 Quantitative Methods II
5622 Introduction To Marketing
*Foreign Language

3rd semester

4th semester

5513 Accounting I
5623 Consumer Behaviour
8111 Decision Making
1594 Business Economics
*Foreign Language

5414 Human Resource Management
5724 Electronic Communication
5624 Product Policy
5514 Accounting II
5634 Marketing Research
*Foreign Language

5th semester

6th semester

5225 Management Information Systems
5725 Public Relations
5625 Sales Management
5647 Pricing And Financial Analysis
*Foreign Language

5626 Electronic Marketing
5636 Advertising
2416 Financial Management I
5648 Channels Of Distribution & Logistics
5316 Economic Analysis For Business Decisions II

7th semester

8th semester

5407 Business Strategy
2511 Financial Management II

5628 Strategic Marketing

Specialization in Marketing

5627 Supplies Management and Industrial Marketing (Business To Business Marketing)
5637 Service Marketing
5657 Retail And Wholesale Marketing

5638 International And Export Marketing
5668 Marketing Of Agricultural Products And Food

Specialization in Business Communication and Human Resources

5723 Applied Communication
2319 Commercial Law I (Institutional Aspects of Business Administration)

5718 Cross - Cultural Communication
5728 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
5738 Business Communication Strategy

Elective Courses of the Marketing and Business Communication and Human Resources Specializations

5667 Sales Promotion And Direct Marketing
5677 Creative Design & Advertising Media
5716 Mass Communication Media & Social Media
2812 Special Topics in Strategy
5000 Field Study Project

5658 Tourist Marketing
5678 Not-For-Profit Marketing
5688 Marketing Decision Models
5758 Special Topics in Multimedia Communication
5428 Management Skills Development
5000 Field Study Project

Elective Courses

1191 Principles Of Political Science
1193 Principles Of Sociology
2117 Civil Law
2305 Industrial Economics
2713 Applications of Business Informatics
2715 Decision Support Systems
3715 Times Series and Forecasting
5325 Investment Projects Evaluation
5415 Quality and Change Management
6033 Sampling Techniques and Sample Survey
6127 Multivariate Statistical Techniques
7127 Maritime Finance
7135 Portfolio Analysis and Management
7137 International Finance
8121 Project Management
8123 Optimization Methods in Management Science
8133 Analysis and Design of Distribution and Transportation Systems
8154 Entrepreneurship

1373 International Economics
1441 Money And Banking
1612 Theory Of Economic Policy Methods
2408 Business Economics and Administration II
5046 English VI Business Terminology
5056 French VI Business Terminology
5066 German VI Business Terminology
5326 Sectoral Industrial Research
7124 Money And Capital Markets
7136 Introductory Econometrics
7144 Advanced Corporate Finance
8134 Production and Operations Management
8144 Topics in Operational Research and Decision Systems

Optional Program in Education and Training

8301 Introduction To Pedagogical Patterns
8303 Educational Evaluation / Educational Assessment
8305 Organization and Management of Education And Educational Institutions
8307 Introduction To Teaching Methodology - Specific Curriculum
8309 Teaching Practice I

8302 General And Progressive Psychology
8304 Teaching Methodology - Teaching Methods in Economics
8306 Education and Teaching Quality
8308 Introduction to Information Technology Pedagogical Application In Education
8310 Teaching Practice II

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