Sharing Page

Under Construction!!!

In this page I will put music and other art content I have and can not be placed in the web (but can be copied :-)) ...


I love to record concerts and theater plays. You can ask me to send you anything you like or send me anything you believe I would like :-). Here is my collection:


Theater Plays (in greek)

Radio Shows

Lilipoupoli: You can find some of the shows (and songs) here. Due to space limits I have removed most of them and left only some with "papagalos" which are the best for me. You can ask me for a CD with most of the shows ...

I search for any radio shows of B. Reinenger in Rock FM some years ago!!

Video Tapes/DVD

Tuxedomoon: Ghost Sonata


I plan to put here the list of my CDs ... (edit: but I will never do as it seems :-))