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DIEES, Athens University of Economics and Business.
Assistant Professor Phoebe Koundouri
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RESEES - REsearch on Socio-Economic and Environmental Sustainability - team initiated the work on Asopos River project in 2010, aiming in creating a proposal for the integrated water resources management in this area. The timetable of the project suggests that it will be completed in three years. This project is funded by the National Bank of Greece and the Hellenic Postbank, while Andreas Papandreou Foundation provides support and assistance.

The following link downloads the proposal for the Integrated Management of Water Resources in Asopos River Basin:


Andreas Papandreou Foundation

National Bank of Greece

Hellenic Postbank

Below RESEES report on the implementation of Article 5 of the WFD, on all of the fourteen Greek river basins. The report was prepared for the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

Report on the implementation of Article 5 of the WFD

The final research and policy results of this project are published in:

Koundouri, P., and N. Papandreou (editors) (2013). Water Resources Management Sustaining Socio-Economic Welfare: The Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive in Asopos River Basin in Greece. Springer Publishing, Global Issues in Water Policy.

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Relevant presentation of Assistant Prof. Dr. Phoebe Koundouri

The book chapters can be downloaded from the following links:

Chapter 1: A Birds Eye View of the Greek Water Situation: The Potential for the Implementation of the EU WFD

Chapter 2: Introducing the Case Study, the Asopos River Basin in Greece

Chapter 3: The Economic Characterization of Asopos River Basin

Chapter 4: Simulating Residential Water Demand and Water Pricing Issues

Chapter 5: An Econometric Analysis of Agricultural Production,Focusing on the Shadow Price of Groundwater:Policies Towards Socio-Economic Sustainability

Chapter 6: A Choice Experiment for the Estimation of the Economic Value of the River Ecosystem: Management Policies for Sustaining NATURA (2000) species and the Coastal Environment

Chapter 7: A Value Transfer Approach for the Economic Estimation of Industrial Pollution: Policy Recommendations

Chapter 8: A Laboratory Experiment for the Estimation of Health Risks: Policy Recommendations

Chapter 9: An Economically Efficient, Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Equitable Decision Support System for Asopos River Basin: A Manual of Measures

Chapter 10: Creating the Institutional Background to Support the Implementation of the Policy Manual