12th Conference on Research on Economic Theory & Econometrics

Naxos, July 14-18, 2013


Invited Lectures

The set of invited participants includes C. Pissarides (University of Cyprus and LSE, 2010 Nobel Prize), S. Anderson (Virginia), F. Collard (Bern), I. Correia (Banco de Portugal and Catolica-Lisbon), Aureo De Paula (UCL), J. Geanakoplos (Yale), P. Oreopoulos (Toronto), S. Rebelo (Northwestern), P. Rey (Toulouse), M. Roberts (Penn State), J.M. Robin (Sciences Po and UCL), O. Scaillet (Geneva), E. Tamer (Northwestern), P. Teles (Banco de Portugal), J. Thanassoulis (Oxford), O. Toivanen (Leuven), J. Valimaki (Aalto), T. Valletti (Imperial College London), among several other distinguished speakers.

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