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This my very first web page from 2000, and although I have left from AUEB many years ago, I don't feel like deleting. I decided to keep everything intact but keep adding, somewhere in the middle of the page, short descriptions of important events of my life transforming it to a "slow" life blog (sort of). So, everything below, and above, is a non-linear mix of old and new ...

Democracy must begin at home, and its home is the neighborly community - John Dewey

I was born in 1976 in Athens but I have lived for 6 years in Heraklion, Crete. I studied at the Computer Science Department of University of Crete from where I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in 1997 and 1999 respectively. Crete is a lovely place and I consider it my second home. Better though for traveling than studying ;-)

In my first Internet photo album you can see some wonderful places I have visited during my studies there and more ...

I don't know who I am, which soul I have. When I speak with honesty, I don't know with which honesty I speak. I am subsequently somebody other, different from a me, which I don't know if it exists (if it is these others) - Fernando Pessoa

I received my PhD thesis from the Department of Informatics of Athens University of Economics and Business (see my home page at NES laboratory) under the supervision of Professor Costas Courcoubetis. This was difficult! :-)

You can also see some of my photos from "the PhD period".

You can not live but with creatures that set you free .. that love you with a passion so much powerful to feel as feathery to accept - Albert Camus

I did my post-doc studies and started my research career at researcher at LIP6 (UPMC Paris Universitas) working on the design of incentive mechanisms for shared experimental facilities (like Planetlab) and virtual communities (on the Internet and wireless networks in the neighborhood).

In 2014 I was hired as a senior researcher at ETH Zurich, aiming to focus on the more interdisciplinary part of my research, which we call nethood. I wish that everything will go well :-)

I have also a new place to share my thoughts, new photos, and favorite music.

The only solution to the environmental crisis is the shared insight of people that they would be happier if they could work together and care for each other - Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality

Two years in Zurich felt like a decade and 2016 a year that marked a brand new phase in my life: for the first time independent, together with Ileana Apostol and Jens Martignoni, co-founded NetHood, a Swiss nonprofit organization that participates in two EU funded projects, MAZI and netCommons, which aim to bridge research and action and provide tools for a more sustainable and convivial life in the city.

Be aware that we all agree, whatever we say - Turba Philosophorum (from "Il pendolo di Foucault", Umberto Eco)

Besides photography I love very very much listening to music. Generally I like almost everything I receive as "real" expression of feelings (from classical to industrial). Some of my favorite bands and musicians are Residents, Tuxedomoon, Pixies, Arto Lindsay, Tom Ze, Keith Jarret, Dead Moon, Wipers, Einsturzende Neubauten, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Bill Lasswell, Wim Mertens, Dead Can Dance, Aphex Twin, and many more. Since I don't have anymore available web-space for sharing some of my favorite songs (as I used to) you can find them now here.

I also listen often to FIP.

I would be very happy if you sent me anything concerning music .. from comments to audio files ;-) ... I love talking about all this stuff (favorite bands, concerts, exchange of tapes, cds, mp3s, etc). See also my Sharing Page with bootlegs I have recorded and more (soon) ...

If you can change it, why are you sad? If you cannot change it, why are you sad? - unknown

I finally like to have fun, to laugh, to find always a humorous side of things. Life is short :-) Here are some of my favorite stories/comics (in greek) that have made me "laugh out loud" (and not only).
  • " " Compositions written by small kids in Italy that will make you laugh for sure ..

  • Arkas Greek comics.

  • Altan Selected comics of the famous Altan .. in greek.

  • Lilipoupoli Amazing (and sureal) greek radio show for children ... but not only ....