Nikos Fotiou home page

Nikos Fotiou


I am Nikos Fotiou and this is my home page.

About me

I am CEO of ExcID

I used to be a post-doc researcher at the Mobile Multimedia Laboratory of the Athens University of Economics and Business.


You can find a full list of my publications in my CV. I try to put the .pdf files of my publications in my lab's web site. You should be able to find all of them with Google scholar. If you need a .pdf version of a publication and you cannot find it online, please send me an email

Professional activities

You can find information about reserach projects I have participates, as well as about my other professional activities, in my CV.

Other activities

I maintain a Blog where from time to time I post technical articles. With some good friends we used to write in another blog in Greek. Even more rarely I write articles related to security in Greek. I love spending time in twitter. I also enjoy sharing my code with others.