I am a PhD student at the Theory Group of the Department of Informatics of Athens University of Economics and Business. My research interests include Algorithms, Complexity, Computational Social Choice and Mechanism Design and I am fortunate to be advised by Vangelis Markakis.

I have completed a Master Program on Algorithms, Logic and Discrete Mathematics, (which I undoubtly suggest to anyone interested in theoretical computer science, trying to decide a postgraduate program) and my thesis on "voting rules for expressing conditional preferences in multiwinner elections" can be found here.

Before that, I spent four years for my undergraduate studies at the Department of Mathematics, at the University of Patras and since then I am indebted to Dimitris Kavvadias for introducing me to the world of Algorithms. My thesis on "computational aspects of graphs gathered from Twitter", can be found (in greek) here.

I was ranked first and graduated with honours degree in both of the above programs and I have been fortunate to receive a fellowship for my PhD studies from Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation, where my proposal was selected as the best among a pool of more than 100 candidates in the field of Mathematics and Information Sciences. Moreover, by the time of my graduation, I will have gained valuable experience through research internship programs at both Archimedes Research Unit for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Algorithms and the research team of Input Output.

It was a pleasure helping (as a reviewer) at AAAI'24, AAMAS'24, AAAI'23, ECAI'23, AAAI'22, journal of Group Decision and Negotiation, (as a subreviewer) at SAGT'22, ADT'21, EUMAS'21, COMSOC'21, SAGT'20 and (as a member of local arrangements committee) at ACAC'20 and SAGT'19.

Previous semesters I had had fun TA'ing "Algorithms", "Special Topics in Algorithms" and "Introduction to Programming".

If you still want to learn more about me (in a more formal and boring way), a -probably outdated- version of my cv can be found here.