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Georgios Zois

Senior Researcher at ELTRUN

I received my BSc. diploma in Computer Science from University of Ioannina (UoI)-Greece in 2005 and a MSc. in Logic, Algorithms and Computation from University of Athens (UoA)-Greece in 2008. I completed my Ph.D. Thesis in University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC)-France in 2014, supervised by Evripidis Bampis and Ioannis Milis on the subject of algorithmic problems for energy and temperature-efficient computing. Since 2015 I am working as a Research Associate and Adjunct Lecturer at Athens University of Economics, having cooperated with the research groups: Data Science (Prof. V. Vassalos); Services, Technologies and Economics (STEcon) (Prof. G. Stamoulis); Algorithms and Discrete Optimization (ADOPT/ELTRUN) (Prof. I. Mourtos).

My current work is focused on optimisation problems in transport, supply chain management (location allocation, routing) and manufacturing (robust resource-aware production planning and scheduling), as well as on predictive and prescriptive analytics in terms of improving the decision making process.
mail: Evelpidon 47 A and Lefkados 33, Athens, Greece, office: ELTRUN, 8th floor, Room 801
email:, phone: +30 210 8203663, linkedin

Main research Interests

  • Design and analysis of optimisation algorithms
  • Optimisation under uncertainty, robust optimization
  • Using machine learning to solve combinatorial optimisation problems
  • Scheduling in large-scale computing environmets
  • Energy-aware algorithms
  • Current Projects

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    Past Projects

  • Apr 2019 - Dec 2019: Research associate, 5G-VINNI: 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure , EU funded under Horizon 2020
  • Jan 2017 - Sept 2019: Research associate, Tranforming Transport, EU funded under Horizon 2020
  • Jan 2016 - Dec 2016: Research associate, Human Brain, Flagship FET, EU funded under Horizon 2020
  • Jan 2015 - Dec 2015: Research associate, EERNV - Energy Efficiency of Road Networks and Vehicles: Measurement, Pricing, Regional and Environmental Effects, THALES research funding programme
  • Jan 2014 - Dec 2014: Researcher, Handling Uncertainty in Data Intensive Applications,THALES research funding programme.
  • Dec 2010 - Dec 2013: Researcher, Algorithmic Problems in Power Management of Computing Systems, HERACLEITUS II research funding programme.