Selected Papers

Variable Export Price Elasticity, Product Quality, and Credit Constraints: Theory and Evidence from Greek Firms (with E. Dinopoulos and M. Katsimi)Journal of International Money and Finance, 2020, 104. For the Companion Appendix click here
Innovation, Patents and Trade: A Firm-level Analysis (with E. Chalioti, K. Drivas and M. Katsimi)Canadian Journal of Economics, 2020, 53, 3, 949-981. For the Companion Appendix click here
Productivity Effects of Public Capital Maintenance: Evidence from U.S. States (with E. Vella)Economic Inquiry, 2015, 53, 1, 72-90.
Optimal Fiscal Policy with Endogenous Time Preference (with E. Dioikitopoulos), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2015, 17, 6, 848-873. For the Companion Appendix click here
Green Spending Reforms, Growth and Welfare with Endogenous Subjective Discounting (with E. Vella and E. Dioikitopoulos), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2015, 19, 06, 1240-1260. For the Companion Appendix click here
Capital Maintenance and Depreciation over the Business Cycle (with A. Albonico and E. Pappa)Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2014, 39, 273-286. For the Companion Appendix click here
Endogenous Time Preference and Public Policy: Growth and Fiscal Implications (with E. Dioikitopoulos), Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2010, 14, S2, 243-257.
Public Capital Maintenance and Congestion: Long-run Growth and Fiscal Policies (with E. Dioikitopoulos), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2008, 32, 12, 3760-3779.
Does Foreign Aid Distort Incentives and Hurt Growth? Theory and Evidence from 75 Aid-recipient Countries (with G. Economides and A. Philippopoulos), Public Choice, 2008, 134, 3-4, 463-388.
Another Look at the Linear q-Model: An Empirical Analysis of Aggregate Business Capital Spending with Maintenance  ExpendituresCanadian Journal of Economics, 2006, 39, 4, 1282-1315.
Financing 'New' Public Investment and/or Maintenance in Public Capital for Long-run Growth? The Canadian Experience (with P. Kalaitzidakis), Economic Inquiry, 2005, 43, 3, 586-600.
On the Macroeconomic Implications of Maintenance in Public Capital (with P. Kalaitzidakis), Journal of Public Economics, 2004, 88, 3-4, 695-712.

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