Text Box: George P. Kouretas
Professor of International Finance
Athens Uniersity of Economics and Business
76 Patission Str,
10434 Athens, Greece
e-mail: kouretas@aueb.gr

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Text Box: Georgios P. Kouretas is currently Professor of International Finance in the Department of Business Administration, Athens University of Economics and Business (2007-present). 
He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Piraeus (1981), M.A in Economics from the University of Notre Dame (1983), M.A. in Economics from Wayne State University (1985), and a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham (1988). 
He has been a member of staff at the Department of Economics, University of Crete (1991-2007) and he has also been Visiting Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business, Technical University of Crete, University of Cyprus and Technical and Educational Institute of Crete. 
Furthermore, he has been Research Fellow at Michigan State University (Fulbright Senior Research Fellow and NATO Post-Doctoral Research Fellow; 1994-1995) and the European University Institute, Florence (2000). 
He holds the Jean Monnet Chair on European Economic Policy and he has served as Director of the Centre of European Studies and Research (November 2004-February 2006), which provides the forum for the promotion of European Studies and research on European Economic, Social and Political issues at the University of Crete. 
He has over 50 publications in refereed international journals and collective volumes, numerous contributions in international conferences, he has acted as referee for international journals in economics and finance and he has been co-organizer of several international conferences, workshops and summer schools. 
Furthermore, he has acted as guest editor for high quality international journals in economics and finance, Review of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Open Economies Review and Journal of Common Market Studies. 
He has been the coordinator of the Human Capital Improvement Marie Curie Development Host Programme at the Department of Economics (2000-2007) and he participates in a large number of European and Greek funded research projects. His main research interests are: International finance, international money and capital markets, open economy macroeconomics, applied econometrics, quantitative economic history and European monetary issues.