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The Political Economy of Internet Phd Thesis University of London (Submitted- awarded in 2000)

'E-Mediation by America On-line', early draft of article published in Rogers, R. (ed) (2000) Preferred Placement - Knowledge Politics on the Web Jan van Eyck Editions: Maastricht.

Preaching to the Complacent in Crash Media 98'

'The Political Economy of Internet' (published in Curran, J. (2000) Media Organisations London:Arnold) - unpublished text in greek

'The Economy An Economy with no mediation?' (published in the reader)

'H πολιτική οικονομία της οικονομίας σαν πολιτισμική δύναμη' (μία έκδοση αυτού του άρθρου δημοσιεύτηκε στο Παναγιωτοπούλου (2004) H ψηφιακή πρόκληση: MME και Δημοκρατία Αθήνα: Αλεξάντρεια

'The Power to Mediate: Rethinking the Internet's Political Economy in the World Against Terror' draft paper as presented at the Internet in Inteligent Soc. Conference, Honk Kong, July 2004

Its art not commerce in ARTIME Issue 2, 2005

The web re-mediates talk presented in 2 conferences (intentional use of power point)


Research Projects and Findings

Methods of analysis for internet communications in countries with low penetration

Agenda Setting and the Greek Blogsquere: the case of the bloggers arrest

On Web-politics

MP Webpages: mapping a practice

Typology for content analysis on Greek MP (30 variables)

Urls of MP and party pages from April 2004 to date - PASOK - ND (unfortunately due to party practices these don't use party domain and were found through search engines as they were not avaliable or rightly listed in party sites)

Tables with quantitative typology findings

Party MP Parliament Maps


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